Healthcare procurement policy

Healthcare procurement in 2018
Our healthcare procurement policy details how a.s.r. Ziektekosten negotiates contracts with healthcare providers. Our aim is to make this process more transparent, both for healthcare providers and for a.s.r. Ziektekosten itself. The policy explains how our procurement protects patients’ interests, ensures affordable care and makes a meaningful contribution to society.
The policy also provides more information on contacting a.s.r. Ziektekosten during the procurement process, on the quality standards we apply and on the frameworks we have set for healthcare innovation. In addition, it specifies the minimum requirements to be met by healthcare providers wanting to be eligible for a contract.
Healthcare procurement in 2018
In the past few years, a.s.r. Ziektekosten (operating under the Ditzo and De Amersfoortse labels) has procured care through Multizorg VRZ B.V. From the 2018 procurement year onwards, however, we will be working with DSW Zorgverzekeraar. This will enable us to strengthen and intensify our relationship with healthcare providers. 
How this change will translate into practice will vary from one type of care to another. In some cases, a.s.r. will procure care with or on behalf of DSW, while in other cases institutions will be divided between us, with one of us responsible for procuring care on behalf of the other.
Details of our new procurement policy for 2018 (only available in Dutch) have been available on the Ditzo and De Amersfoortse websites since 1 April this year. You can find this information on our Dutch websites: