a.s.r. bank

a.s.r. bank

ASR Bank N.V. (hereafter a.s.r. bank) has been part of ASR Nederland N.V. (hereafter a.s.r.) since 29 December 2009 and offers savings and investment products that are complementary to a.s.r.'s individual life and other insurance products for private customers in the Netherlands.

a.s.r. bank offers customers bank savings, (online) savings and investment products. a.s.r. bank invests the entrusted savings deposits mainly in private residential mortgages. a.s.r. bank has outsourced the administration and day-to-day management of private residential mortgages to ASR Hypotheken B.V., a 100% subsidiary of ASR Nederland N.V.
a.s.r. bank is a 100% subsidiary of ASR Nederland N.V. and is supervised by De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) and the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM).
Achmea and a.s.r. have announced on 21 March that Achmea Bank will acquire part of the banking operations of a.s.r. bank. These operations consist of a savings portfolio with approximately 125,000 customers, a volume of €1.7 billion and a corresponding mortgage portfolio with a volume of €1.5 billion.
The acquisition will go ahead subject to approval from the relevant supervisory authorities, a decision by the Netherlands Authority for Consumers & Markets following notification of the acquisition and completion of the advisory process with the Works Councils involved. Achmea and a.s.r. expect to finalise the transaction in the second half of 2019. No further financial details relating to this acquisition will be announced.

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