news and press News a.s.r. presents podcast series for mortgage advisers
News Utrecht 14 September 2020 12:00 EU/Amsterdam

a.s.r. presents podcast series for mortgage advisers

a.s.r. mortgages has created a three-part podcast series for financial advisers in Dutch. Paul Nijssen, commercial manager a.s.r. mortgages, talks to experts about topics that are important to be able to provide good and complete mortgage advice. The series was recorded in collaboration with financial planner and trainer René Kuiper and Milieu Centraal.

The podcast series currently consists of three episodes, each dealing with its own subject. This series is publicly available on the website of a.s.r. mortgages, Dutch only.

a.s.r. mortgages starts the podcast series by discussing the problem of first-time buyers in the housing market. With this episode, mortgage advisers can prepare for the 'Week of the Starter' organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the week of September 27 to October 3. In the episode on tax matters, the complex tax system and the tax pitfalls in mortgage advice are discussed. Finally, the episode on sustainability will provide advice on possible measures to make your home more sustainable, where to start, how profitable this is and what the financing options are.

Paul Nijssen, commercial manager a.s.r. mortgages: 'We notice that there is a great demand from consultants for additional information on a wide variety of topics. In this podcast series, we cover a number of current themes. This information can help advisers to provide clients with appropriate and complete mortgage advice'.