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Press Utrecht 20 September 2021 12:00 EU/Amsterdam

Ardanta introduces flexible funeral insurance solution

Ardanta, the funeral business line of a.s.r., is simplifying its product range. From September 20, Ardanta offers one funeral insurance policy, ‘De Ardanta Uitvaartverzekering’. With the introduction of this product, Ardanta has opted for a single endowment insurance policy with greater clarity and flexibility. From now on, customers can decide for themselves how long they want to pay premiums. Current insurance policies will continue to exist, but cannot be taken out again with the arrival of this new product.

De Ardanta Uitvaartverzekering has been established in close collaboration with the intermediary and with customers. It has been tested several times to ensure whether the new product meets the current needs of the customer. Customers have indicated that they want more clarity, certainty and flexibility.

Current insurance policies, such as the in-kind service packages, will not be changed for existing customers, but can no longer be taken out again. The new funeral insurance is available to existing customers.

The new product has a number of flexible features. For example, the insurance can be adjusted, customers decide for themselves how long they pay the premium when taking out. In the new insurance, children are co-insured till their twentieth, instead of their eighteenth and product properties can be changed in the meantime, such as adjusting the beneficiary.

Guido Horst, director of Ardanta: ‘The traditional philosophy behind a funeral insurance is that you take it out once for the rest of your life. But there is sufficient reason for people to want to adjust their insurance in the interim. Think, for example, of stopping and restarting the annual increase without answering health questions, or personal circumstances that make our lives look completely different. With 'De Ardanta Uitvaartverzekering’, customers can adjust their insurance policies in every phase of life.’

About Ardanta
As of December 31, 2020, Ardanta's funeral portfolio consisted of 6.3 million policies and 4.8 million customers. Based on the volume of premiums, Ardanta is the second largest funeral insurer in the Netherlands. For more information, go to: