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Press Utrecht 01 October 2019 07:30 EU/Amsterdam

a.s.r. confirms the resignation of Chris Figee (CFO)

Chris Figee, CFO of a.s.r., is leaving the company to pursue his career at KPN. Chris Figee will step down effectively 1 February 2020.

Today, KPN announced that Chris Figee will be appointed as CFO in their Executive Board, and as from 1 February 2020 Chris will resign from his current position as CFO at a.s.r. Chris served as CFO and member of the Executive Board of a.s.r. for more than five years and was responsible for Financial Reporting Performance Management, Group Balance Sheet Management, Group Asset Management and a.s.r. Real Estate. a.s.r. will use the upcoming period to decide on a suitable succession.

Jos Baeten, CEO of a.s.r.: ‘I am grateful for Chris’ significant contribution to a.s.r. over the past five years. With his financial leadership and expertise Chris has been key in the successful IPO and a.s.r.’s firm position in the capital markets. His relentless drive, ambition and enthusiasm has been inspiring to many within the company. I am in particular pleased to see a strong and senior management team in the finance organisation. While I regret seeing Chris leave a.s.r., I wish him all the best in his new role of which I am sure he will do well.’
Kick van der Pol, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of a.s.r.: ‘Chris has played an important role in a.s.r.’s transition from a state-owned organisation to a publicly listed company with an excellent reputation on the capital markets. A number of successful acquisitions were made and a.s.r. now has a strong financial position and is well-placed to continue the execution of its current strategy. We wish him every success for the future. I am confident that we will find a suitable successor to continue our disciplined financial approach.’ 

Chris Figee: ‘I am truly thankful for all the opportunities I have been given at a.s.r. I have been part of a great team and together we have achieved many successes over the past years. I am particularly proud of the IPO, the string of acquisitions and the placements of various innovative financial instruments. I am leaving this organisation with a healthy balance sheet and in a strong position to capture long term profitable growth.’

Information on the succession of the CFO position will be announced in due course.

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