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Press Utrecht 27 November 2019 09:00 EU/Amsterdam

a.s.r. introduces sustainable variable pension

a.s.r. is introducing a variable pension. With the variable pension a.s.r. offers customers a sustainable product for the accrual phase of their pension, with a good balance between risk and return. Customers could have their pension run via a.s.r. for both the accrual phase, as well as the pay-out phase. Hereby a.s.r. want to invest in long-term relationships with its customers. There are two variants of the variable pension, ‘zicht op groei’ and ‘een hogere start’.

With the variable pension, a.s.r. introduces an alternative to the fixed pension. This form of pension offers a choice to people who want to continue investing their pension capital after their retirement date, with the chance of a higher pension. a.s.r. offers two variants: ‘zicht op groei’, intended for people who want to start cautiously, and ‘een hogere start’, which should appeal to the group that wants to start with an extra high pension. 

The level of the pension will be fixed for one year. Each year a.s.r. will recalculate the level, which is dependent on the value of investments, interest and life expectancy. The investment result is spread, in order to try to mitigate large fluctuations. When calculating the annual pension, a.s.r. therefore looks at the average return of the last three years. 

When composing the investments, a.s.r. opts for a suitable spread over different asset classes, with a scenario analysis being made at least once a year. This is to assess whether the investment policy is still sufficiently in line with market conditions. 

Folkert Pama, director of sales and customer service at a.s.r. pensioenen: ‘With the variable pension of a.s.r. we offer customers a nice new product for the period after their retirement date. An important part of the variable pension of a.s.r. is its sustainable nature, offering products in both the accrual phase as well as the pay-out phase. As a.s.r. is able to connect these two phases, we offer added value for our customers.’