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Press Utrecht 09 November 2018 00:00 EU/Amsterdam

a.s.r. launches online platform for financial self-reliance of women

As part of the Pensioen3daagse a.s.r. is launching Ikdenkvooruit.nl, an online platform to help increase women’s financial self-reliance. a.s.r. wants to encourage women to have a better understanding of their finances, so that in the event of a divorce, for example, they will not be faced with any unpleasant surprises.

The number of women who do not have their financial affairs in order is alarmingly high. An investigation by Statistics Netherlands has shown that more than 50% of Dutch women are not financially self-reliant. 32% of the women have not made any arrangements in the event of a sudden loss of joint income and 75% of the women do not know what effect a divorce will have on their pension. If they suddenly end up alone, women lose on average 25% of their purchasing power.

A new form of pension communication

The online platform Ikdenkvooruit.nl of a.s.r. pensioenen helps women to be financially stronger in a way that differs from the pension communication people are used to. This is often formal and complex. Ikdenkvooruit.nl opts for a different approach. On the website there are real-life stories of women who, due to a divorce, the death of their partner or the loss of their job, financially found themselves in dire straits. In addition, financial advisors give tips and tricks and provide useful information. Visitors are encouraged to get a better understanding of their financial situation, they are referred to the pension portal of their pension provider and are encouraged to talk to a financial advisor.
Fleur Rieter, Director of a.s.r. pensioenen: ‘a.s.r. is committed to promote financial self-reliance. As a financial services provider, we consider it important that people can make well-considered choices so that they have their finances in order in the long and short term. As a.s.r., we often see what the consequences are if people have never given any consideration to their future finances. Ikdenkvooruit.nl contributes to making them more aware, with a special focus on women.’

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