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Press Utrecht 05 September 2019 09:00 EU/Amsterdam

a.s.r. launces verduurzamingshypotheek

a.s.r. is expanding its product range and introducing the Verduurzamingshypotheek (Sustainability mortgage). This will enable its customers to finance energy-saving measures in, around and to the home. a.s.r. is the first mortgage lender to offer this possibility to customers by way of standard procedure together with the interest rate offer.  

Improving the sustainability of the home is a subject that is not discussed very often in consultations on mortgage advice. In order to make things easier for customers and advisors, a.s.r. will by way of standard procedure offer a Verduurzamingshypotheek together with the interest rate offer and at an extra low interest rate.

With the Verduurzamingshypotheek, a.s.r. offers new customers the opportunity to take energy-saving measures in their homes. This contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions, but also to more comfort in the home as well as cost savings. 

When applying for a mortgage, the customer him or herself determines the amount to be borrowed for the energy-saving measures, up to a maximum of 106% of the market value of the home and with a maximum amount of € 25,000. This extra amount will be placed in a special deposit for 2 years. The customer only pays interest on the portion of the money used from the deposit. If it turns out that not all the money has been used after 2 years, that portion of the loan will be cancelled. 

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