news and press Press releases a.s.r. accelerates and digitizes application process with DigiThuis mortgage
Press Utrecht 29 September 2020 11:00 EU/Amsterdam

a.s.r. accelerates and digitizes application process with DigiThuis mortgage

a.s.r. mortgages expands its product range with the new DigiThuis (“DigiHome”) mortgage. As of today, all mortgage advisers who are assigned to a.s.r. can apply for the DigiThuis mortgage via their advice package. The mortgage is suitable for customers who want to finance up to 80% of the market value of their home. Customers can contact their adviser to apply for the DigiThuis mortgage. Completing the application proceeds quickly and completely digitally via a separate App, the a.s.r. aanvraag versneller (“request accelerator”).

a.s.r. adds a new mortgage product to its product range, the DigiThuis mortgage. This is the first mortgage where the necessary data for the mortgage application is retrieved directly from the required source. With this product, a.s.r. takes a next step in the digitization of the mortgage process.

The adviser submits an application for the DigiThuis mortgage, after which the customer gives permission to a.s.r. via an App to obtain the necessary information for the application from various sources, including MijnOverheid, MijnUWV, Belastingdienst and MijnPensioen. This saves both the client as well as the advisor a lot of time, makes the application process faster and also translates into a competitive interest rate for the new mortgage. The interest up to 80% market value is fixed at 1.75% for a period of 20 years.