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Press Utrecht 04 November 2019 07:00 EU/Amsterdam

Half of the Dutch population comes up with an excuse not to exercise

a.s.r. launches health programme for customers: a.s.r. Vitality

A study shows:

  • Nearly half of the population regularly come up with excuses not to exercise
  • 55 percent indicate they lack motivation to start exercising.
  • More than 47 percent are willing to exercise more often if they can get a (financial) reward
Nearly half of the Dutch population would become physically active if they were incentivized with a reward (financial)

[The Dutch are sports-minded people. And yet, according to a study commissioned by a.s.r., almost half of the people surveyed come up with an excuse not to exercise. And more than half of those interviewed say they feel guilty after using an excuse. The most commonly stated reasons for not exercising are being tired, not feeling fit, the weather or work-related obligations. Also, 55 percent indicate they lack motivation to start exercising. This behaviour changes in a positive way when there is the prospect of a reward (financial). In that case, nearly half are prepared to get going. a.s.r. responds to this with a.s.r. Vitality, a proven health programme, which helps customers change their behaviour and motivate them to exercise.

a.s.r. partners with Vitality Group to bring the Vitality program to the Netherlands.
Vitality is a health programme - based on behavioural science - that encourages members in a positive way to get moving and live healthier lives. And to keep exercising. The program is successful in 22 markets with over 16 million members globally.

Together with Vitality Group, a.s.r. now offers this health programme to its customers with disability or health insurance. Customers who opt to take out membership with a.s.r. Vitality and start exercising, will be eligible for weekly, monthly and annual rewards. In the form of rewards or even a partial reimbursement of the premium.

Healthy customers claim less and keep premiums affordable
Jos Baeten, CEO of a.s.r.: ‘We do not only want to help our customers if they have an illness or disability, but we also want to help prevent this from happening in the first place. By encouraging people to make healthy choices and exercise more. Therefore, we are very pleased that, with Vitality, we have brought a scientifically proven health programme to the Netherlands which allows us to reward people who make healthy choices. a.s.r. Vitality has advantages for our customers, employers, society at large as well as for a.s.r. Healthy customers claim less, which contributes to keeping the premiums affordable.’

“When people maintain healthier habits, chronic diseases and long-term illnesses can be prevented. A healthier society means reduced healthcare needs and costs,” said Shaun Matisonn, Head of Insurance Markets, Deputy CEO, Vitality Group. “Vitality is a powerful behaviour change platform that encourages these healthier habits and is successfully improving the health of over 16 million people in 22 markets. Today, we are excited to extend that reach even further, and introduce Vitality to The Netherlands.”

Dream team of top sportsmen and women to help customers
Customers who join a.s.r. Vitality will receive support, including the support from Dutch top sportsmen and women: Gregory Sedoc, multiple Dutch champion hurdle racing and athletics analyst at the TV show Studio Sport, Nicolien Sauerbreij, world champion and Olympic champion snowboarding, Tim de Vries, Paralympic and double world champion handbiking and Suzanne Schulting, Dutch world champion and Olympic champion short-track. 

There are 1000 excuses for not exercising and giving up

About a.s.r. Vitality
a.s.r. Vitality will be available from Monday 4 November 2019. More information on the content of the programme can be found on

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