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Press Utrecht 13 October 2020 09:00 EU/Amsterdam

New mortgage fund focuses on the international market

a.s.r. asset management launched a new mortgage fund, the ASR Separate Account Mortgage Fund. The new fund offers international asset managers a bespoke investment opportunity in Dutch residential mortgages. The launching investors Aviva and a.s.r. have together committed to invest almost EUR 700 million.

The ASR Separate Account Mortgage Fund purchases a cross section of newly originated a.s.r. mortgages from a.s.r. Levensverzekeringen N.V. Within the fund, the mortgage claims are allocated to different individual portfolio’s. This creates the flexibility to offer asset managers an investment solution fitting their specific investment preferences. The minimum subscription amount to participate is EUR 150 million. 

In total, a.s.r. manages EUR 16 billion in mortgages, of which EUR 6.7 billion is managed through the mortgage funds*. The remainder of the portfolio is managed through individual mandates for a.s.r. life and P&C.

Philippe Taffin, CIO Aviva France: ‘We are very satisfied with the partnership with a.s.r asset management, one of the leading players in the Dutch Mortgage market, as it gives us direct and large access to the market within a customised investment structure. Moreover, as an engaged investor, we greatly appreciate a.s.r asset management’s commitment to integrate sustainable and environmental considerations in their loan selection’.  
Jack Julicher, CEO a.s.r. asset management: ‘We are pleased to welcome Aviva as a launching investor. This underlines the confidence in the proposition of the new mortgage fund, which offers excellent scope for building up individual portfolios, for which reason we concentrate on international investors in particular. With this fund, in addition to the existing ASR Mortgage Fund which has EUR 5.7 billion in assets under management, we expect to be able to serve a broader segment of the mortgage asset management market'.

*Reference date september 2020.

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