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a.s.r. introduces ‘time for action’ in new campaign

Today, a.s.r. is launching its new campaign: ‘This is the time for action’. The campaign challenges us to not only have an ‘opinion’ about something, but to actually do something about it. And a.s.r. is taking the lead. The campaign raises social issues on an ongoing basis, to which a.s.r. offers a solution. It is the continuation of the well-known campaign series with rapper Sticks. Brand manager Hella de Weger: 'In this campaign, a.s.r. shows how it gives concrete form to corporate social responsibility. Therefore, the pay-off is from now on: ‘a.s.r. takes action’.

a.s.r. sees that society is changing and that consumers, rather than just having an opinion on issues, are increasingly taking action themselves on important social issues. This is also reflected in the choices they make for products and services. Consumers are increasingly choosing companies that actually do or change something. In the new campaign, a.s.r. shows how it takes action. Especially on social issues which it has influence on with its investments, products and services.

This campaign again features rapper Sticks, but he has a different role than in the previous campaigns. Brand & Positioning Manager Hella de Weger: ‘This has also changed the tone-of-voice of the campaign. Where ‘this is what I think’ adopted a critical attitude, the new campaign is optimistic and concrete. The new pay-off ‘a.s.r. takes action’ is no-nonsense and unmistakably carries the DNA of a.s.r.’ 

Like the previous campaigns, this campaign will be broadcast on all channels. Besides radio and TV commercials, social media, print, outdoor and online are used. New is that this time it was decided to be present in the media all year round  whereas in previous campaigns, the strategy was to be prominently present during a number of periods per year.

Hella de Weger: ‘We saw in previous campaigns that in the period between the different flights we lost something in terms of brand awareness, so we now choose to do it differently. We are not adjusting our budget, but we will make sure that we are more visible in the various media throughout the year.’

Bureau: The Merge
Direction and production: The Merge and Czar
Media: Media Reverse
Person responsible at a.s.r.: Hella de Weger, Nelleke Ungersma

About ASR Nederland N.V.

ASR Nederland N.V. (a.s.r.) is one of the top three insurers in the Netherlands. a.s.r offers products and services in the area of insurance, pension and mortgages to consumers and SMEs. a.s.r. also acts as an asset manager for third parties. a.s.r. is listed on Euronext Amsterdam and is included in the AEX index. For more information, please visit

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