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news and press Press releases Uitvaartwensen van Nederlanders veranderd door corona
Press Utrecht 17 March 2022 11:00 EU/Amsterdam

Corona has changed our funeral wishes

Dutch people now prefer small-scale funerals and also choose other locations more frequently. This is the conclusion of a survey conducted by market research firm Ipsos on behalf of funeral insurer Ardanta, a label of a.s.r. The funeral wishes of the Dutch have changed as a result of the corona pandemic. Due to the lockdowns and modified rules, there are now more small-scale, intimate and hybrid funerals. Alternative locations are also opted for more often.

With this survey, in which more than 1000 Dutch people participated, Ardanta wanted to find out more about people’s attitude towards death and to what extent this has changed due to the corona pandemic. This shows, among other things, that corona has changed people’s funeral wishes. For example, two thirds of those questioned now prefer small-scale funerals with only immediate relatives, whether or not combined with an opportunity for extending condolences or a live stream for other guests. Also, more than a third of those questioned said they would choose an open-air funeral as an alternative to a church or a funeral home. 

Guido Horst, managing director of Ardanta: The corona pandemic has confronted many people with illness and death over the past two years. This survey shows that corona makes people more aware of death, but for many it is still a difficult topic to discuss. Although a quarter of the respondents indicate that they have been making more preparations to make it easier for their next of kin, we see that many people still do not make enough arrangements for their funeral. While it is important to think now about what needs to be arranged after your death, to avoid any uncertainties at the time of death. Therefore we want to help people to express their wishes to each other. One of the ways we do this is by means of the special wish book that can be ordered free of charge by anyone on our website

About Ardanta
Ardanta is a national funeral insurer with over 4.8 million customers, making it the second largest funeral insurer in the Netherlands. Ardanta is a label of a.s.r. and helps to make a conscious choice concerning funeral insurance. For further information please visit www.ardanta.nl

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