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a.s.r. has been listed on the Euronext stock exchange in Amsterdam since 10 June 2016.

On the 14th of September 2017, NLFI sold the last 20.5% stake in a.s.r. The Dutch State has completed the full divestment of a.s.r.and brings all the shares of a.s.r. back to the private market since October 2008.
Developments in 2008-2015
The State of the Netherlands has been a.s.r.’s only shareholder since October 2008. Until 2008, a.s.r. was a division of Fortis and operated under the name Fortis Verzekeringen Nederland. The State’s participation in a.s.r. is the direct result of the nationalization of the Dutch divisions of Fortis, which collapsed in 2008. a.s.r. has never received state aid.
  • February 2015. No bid for VIVAT/REAAL
    a.s.r. announced that it would not be making a bid for VIVAT/REAAL. Together with a consortium of investors, which was formed for the purposes of funding a potential acquisition, a.s.r. thoroughly studied every aspect of a bid. Based on the findings, it was decided not to submit a final bid for VIVAT/REAAL.
    November 2015. Cabinet decision on sale of a.s.r.
    Finance Minister Dijsselbloem sent a letter to the Lower House of Dutch Parliament informing the Members that the Cabinet had decided to initiate the selling process for a.s.r. The Minister plans to ask NLFI and a.s.r. to start preparing for an IPO, so that privatization will become an option from the first half of 2016.
  • June 2014. a.s.r., VIVAT/REAAL, SNS
    Finance Minister Dijsselbloem sent the Lower House of Dutch Parliament a letter accompanied by NLFI’s recommendations on the plans to sell REAAL and a.s.r. That same summer, SNS REAAL set in motion the process leading up to the sale of insurer VIVAT/REAAL N.V. a.s.r. was subsequently up for privatization.
    June 2014. Permission to bid for VIVAT/REAAL
    The Lower House of Dutch Parliament supported Finance Minister Dijsselbloem’s plan to allow a.s.r. to bid for Reaal. The privatization of a.s.r. was postponed, giving a.s.r. the opportunity to explore its options for bidding for VIVAT/REAAL.
  • August 2013. Dual-track approach
    In a letter of the Lower House of Dutch Parliament, Finance Minister Dijsselbloem announced that he had opted for a dual-track approach to the privatization of a.s.r. As a result, a.s.r. was asked to prepare for an IPO, while options for a private sale would be explored at the same time.
  • January 2011. Finance Minister spoke out about future of a.s.r
    Finance Minister De Jager informed the Lower House of Dutch Parliament that he was considering floating a.s.r. in the future, but did not exclude other forms of selling the company either.
    October 2011. Creation of NLFI
    Finance Minister De Jager informed the Lower House of Dutch Parliament of the creation of NLFI, the organization responsible for managing the shareholdings in a.s.r. as well as in ABN AMRO and SNS Reaal, among others.
Press releases
Press releases about the IPO