Investment policy

Offering security to our customers is the reason a.s.r. exists. We are therefore very careful when investing the premiums that customers pay for their insurance. We always want to be able to meet our financial obligations. We also offer the assurance that we invest socially responsible.

a.s.r. also has obligations to its shareholders and financial backers. For them, a.s.r. seeks to create a good balance between responsible and attractive returns on their capital investment in a.s.r.

Risk management

To reduce risks, we spread our funds over different types of investments. This is a mix of equity, loans from governments and organizations (bonds), real estate and mortgages. Experience has taught us that in the long run a well-diversified investment portfolio yields better than investing in just one category.

Quality mark

Part of our capital is outsourced to service organizations. For this we have received an official quality label (ISAE 3402 type II). This means that our outsourced assets are in reliable hands.


By buying a bond, we take over part of the the debt from the government or the organisation. This gives us a predetermined interest rate. At the end of the obligations' duration, part of the assumed debt is returned. Risks are therefore lower than investing in stocks. Our bond portfolio mainly consists of state bonds, a smaller portion includes corporate bonds and mortgages.


Liquidations are money market instruments. On the money market, loans with a duration period of maximally two years are traded. Risk is low since the interest rate variations has limited impact and it is unlikely that the short-term loan will not be repaid.


Buying shares enables us to own a small part of the organization. If the company does well, we benefit. If the companies does poorly, the equity drops and so does the price of our asset. It is about assessing risk and anticipating the market. a.s.r. believes that in the long run, there is a positive balance between risk and return for shares.

Our equity portfolio consists of:

  • Mainly European and Dutch stocks of large companies.
  • A smaller portion of shares in emerging markets and other continents.
  • Limited hedge funds and private equity.
Equity Sectors

For good dispersal, shares are purchased in the following sectors:

  • Consumer goods and services
  • Telecom
  • Energy
  • Telecommunication
  • Technology
  • Health care
  • Basic materials
  • Utility organizations
  • Industry
  • Banks and insurers (a.s.r. invests modestly in the financial sector) 
Real estate

Land and real estate objects have a solid character and rental often provides stable income. Investing in real estate is attractive in the long run. a.s.r. invests in residential-, retail-, offices-, parking garages- and land (rural) property.