Remuneration policy

Promoting and maintaining the integrity and solidity of our organization is the key theme of a.s.r.’s remuneration policy. The long term interests of all of our stakeholders form an important part of this. Our remuneration policy stimulates our employees to devote their efforts in the interests of clients and other stakeholders within the limits of the duty of due care.

The Executive Board annually sets a number of themes based on the company's objectives. These are the basis for the personal goals of employees. For 2018 these are:
  • Customer: an appointment based on the goal of improving our services
  • Financial: agreements regarding the financial KPI’s in the multi-year budget 2018
  • CSR: an agreement based on the purpose of working with social responsibility and contributing to a better world
  • Own-content per business unit: an appointment based on a specific purpose for the particular business, for example in the field of innovation.

Part of Personnel Policy

Our remuneration policy forms part of the personnel policy and comprises an inflow, transfer and outflow policy. This policy is determined partly by government regulations and social trends concerning remuneration in the financial sector.

Remuneration disclosure

Download a.s.r.'s Remuneration Disclosure for the remuneration policy that applies to the Executive Board, Senior Management and identified staff.