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asr foundation

a.s.r. foundation activities
a.s.r.'s raison d'être is helping people. a.s.r. helps customers in sharing risks together and building up capital for the future. Therefore customers need to be  able to make well-informed financial choices and become financially self-sufficient. a.s.r. foundation contributes to financial self-reliance. 

a.s.r. foundation encourages employees to contribute to society, in a team or at home. On annual base, a.s.r. provides hours and financial resources for this. a.s.r. foundation initiates projects with the help of the voluntary efforts of colleagues with regard to two themes: financial self-reliance and Helping by doing.

Financial self-reliance 

a.s.r. focuses on promoting financial education for children and young people and suppoerting households with (risk of) problematic debt.

a.s.r. employees help to make financial choices

Among other things, a.s.r. assists children by giving education at schools. How do you handle responsibly, what are the possibilities and pitfalls of managing money? How do you ensure having enough money in the future? a.s.r. consciously focuses to teach school pupils, as they asr the future.

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In the Netherlands, one in five households has high-risk or problematic debt. The debt burden is on average € 40,000 spread across fourteen different creditors. The chance of someone ending up with a hard to resolve debt burden is a combination of factors. However, it does appear that having a disorganised administration, a lack of proper financial upbringing and low literacy increase the risk of debt.

See the documentary on debts in the Vogel-neighbourhood of Amsterdam:

Helping by doing

Social organizations often depend on volunteers in order to offer 'something extra'. a.s.r. foundation aims to inspire as many colleagues as possible to volunteer. a.s.r. organises Social Team Activities (STA's) in which colleagues assist social organizations by physically rolling up their sleeves, or help with business-oriented Fresh Looks. Moreover, a.s.r. supports individual colleagues who perform voluntary work in their private environment with a financial contribution.

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