a.s.r.’s raison d’être is to help people. We help people in sharing risks and building up capital for later together. This requires that they are able to make considered financial choices. This is based on them being financially self-reliant. It is in this context that a.s.r.’s Doenkracht (the force of doing) can help. 

Supporting people with financial problems and preparing young people for financial choices and risks contributes to a financially aware, self-reliant and resilient society. Now and in the (distant) future.

This means that we fund projects in the field of financial education and teaching programmes and social programmes of organisations that help their participants with (impending) financial problems to prevent things from getting worse. In addition, Doenkracht encourages a.s.r. colleagues to roll up their sleeves with a variety of activities at social organisations.

With Doenkracht, we combine the activities of Aegon Nederland’s Stap vooruit (Step Forward) programme with those of a.s.r. foundation. All activities of Doenkracht tie in with the following two themes:

Financial self-reliance
This theme can be divided into two parts: A: an educational package that focuses on preventing financial problems. B: projects and programmes aimed at mitigating (impending) financial problems. Sometimes in combination with the expertise of our staff. These include activities that help schoolchildren and families make better financial choices. For example, by teaching about managing their finances and putting their financial administration in order.
Helping by doing
This involves activities where colleagues help social organisations as a team, with the department or on the basis of individual registration. Sometimes by literally rolling up their sleeves for or together with clients. Colleagues who privately volunteer to help a social organisation can apply for financial support for this organisation. 
Financial self-reliance

a.s.r. focuses on promoting financial education for children and young people and suppoerting households with (risk of) problematic debt.

a.s.r. employees help to make financial choices

Among other things, a.s.r. assists children by giving education at schools. How do you act responsibly, what are the possibilities and pitfalls of managing money? How do you ensure having enough money in the future? a.s.r. consciously focuses to teach school pupils, as they are the future.

a.s.r. considers it important that people are able to take responsible risks and make informed financial choices. This is not self-evident for everyone: in the Netherlands in 2022, 6 out of 10 households are financially unhealthy or vulnerable. In 2021, this was 50%*. a.s.r. assists people in making conscious financial choices to prevent them from falling into debt or to help them get out of it. 

a.s.r. is an insurer for all people living and/or working in the Netherlands and takes the interests of vulnerable target groups at heart. Within a.s.r. we also strive for an inclusive culture, where differences are recognised, embraced and, indeed, made use of. Different perspectives, backgrounds, knowledge and experiences contribute to the realisation of a.s.r.’s objectives and are positively deployed in innovative, sustainable solutions.

1 Research from Deloitte, University Leiden and Nibud, March 2023

Preventing financial problems

A financially aware, self-reliant and resilient society: now and in the (distant) future.

Mitigating (impending) financial problems.

A financially aware, self-reliant and resilient society: now and in the (distant) future.

Helping by doing

Social organizations often depend on volunteers in order to offer 'something extra'. Doenkracht aims to inspire as many colleagues as possible to volunteer. a.s.r. organises Social Team Activities (STA's) in which colleagues assist social organizations by physically rolling up their sleeves. Moreover, a.s.r. supports individual colleagues who perform voluntary work in their private environment with a financial contribution.

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