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Sustainable business

a.s.r. wants to play a leading role in the field of sustainable business in the financial sector. In everything we do, we consider whether it is sustainable for the future. 

a.s.r. and Aegon Netherlands will continue together as one company. This brings together two leading Dutch insurers, each of which has its own approach to sustainability. In the coming period we will look at how we can combine these methods and the underlying policy in a responsible manner to set up an ambitious sustainability strategy. To do this, we will first map out the similarities and differences in terms of sustainability between the two companies. It remains the ambition of a.s.r. to belong to the European leading group of sustainable insurers.

More information about the vision and strategy of a.s.r. about sustainable business you can read in our Strategic Framework for Sustainable Business.

We focus on 3 themes that have an impact on our company and with which we can make the greatest social impact:

Sustainable Living
Climate change and biodiversity loss pose significant risks to our customers, our company, and society at large. That's why we are reducing our footprint and investing in activities that support energy transition and restore biodiversity.
You can find more information about our climate policy and approach in our Climate Report.

Vitality and sustainable employability
a.s.r. focuses on preventing illness, absenteeism and incapacity for work and is committed to enabling people to work longer and in a healthier way, in order to contribute to society. This also applies to our own employees.
In doing so, a.s.r. creates opportunities for employees to develop themselves, in order to increase their chances on the labor market, both within and outside a.s.r.

Financial self-reliance and inclusion
We believe it is important that people are able to take responsible risks and make conscious financial choices. We are there for all people who live and work in the Netherlands. This calls for attention to inclusion and appreciation for diversity on the basis of equality.

Also within a.s.r. we strive for an inclusive culture in which differences are recognised, valued and utilized.

a.s.r. integrates sustainability into its entire organisation. We do this from six different roles: