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About a.s.r. Sustainable business

Sustainable business

a.s.r. wants to play a leading role in the field of sustainable business in the financial sector. In everything we do, we think about whether it is sustainable for the future. 
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Our business operations enable us to contribute to solving social issues that relate to our core activities, such as insurance and asset management. We set great store by playing an important role in making society more sustainable.

We have the greatest social impact on three core themes:

Climatge change and energy transition
We foster a climate-neutral economy with our investment activities, products and services. More informatie about the climate policy and our approach van be found in our Climate Report: 

Vitality and sustainable employability
We promote sustainable employability and focus on the prevention of sickness, absenteeism and disability.

Financial self-reliance and inclusiveness
We believe it's important that people are able to take responsible risks and make conscious financial choices. We want all people that live and work in the Netherlands to be able to rely on us. This requires that we pay attention to inclusiveness and appreciation for diversity on the basis of equality.

a.s.r. integrates sustainability into its entire organisation. We do this from six different roles: