Sustainable business

a.s.r. wants to be at the forefront of sustainability in the financial sector. With our products and services, we aim to contribute to solving issues society is facing and which are related to our core business, such as insurance and asset management. In doing so, we focus on themes that impact on our business and on which we in turn can make the greatest social impact.

a.s.r. and Aegon Netherlands will continue together as one company. This brings together two leading Dutch insurers, each of which has its own approach to sustainability. In the coming period we will look at how we can combine these methods and the underlying policy in a responsible manner to set up an ambitious sustainability strategy. To do this, we will first map out the similarities and differences in terms of sustainability between the two companies. It remains the ambition of a.s.r. to belong to the European leading group of sustainable insurers.

Sustainable living

Climate change and biodiversity loss pose major risks to our customers, our business operataions and society at large. We therefore want to reduce our foutprint and invest in activities that support the energy transition and restore biodiversity and ecosystems. We help customers with our insurance products and with information to reduce climate risks and to live more sustainably, for example with the sustainability mortgage and sustainabe damage repair. For our own business operations too, we are continously working on minimasing the negative environmental impact of our offices, transport and procurement.

Vitality and sustainable employability

There is an increasing focus on health and vitality, prompted in part by developments in society. We are getting older, healthcare costs are rising and the labour market is changing rapudly. This leads to challenges in the areas of work, well-being and health. a.s.r. focuses on preventing illness, absenteeism and disability and is committed to allowing people to work longer and healthier, in order to continue contributing to society. This also applies to our own employees where a.s.r. creates opportunities so that employees can develop themselves in order to increase their chances on the labour market, both within and outside a.s.r.

Financial self-reliance and inclusion

a.s.r. believes it is important that people are able to take responsible risks and make conscious financial choices. This is not a matter-of-course for everyone: in 2022 in the Netherlands, 6 in 10 households were financially unhealthy or vulnerable. In 2021 this was 50%1. a.s.r. helps people make conscious financial choices, to prevent them from getting into debt or to help them get out of it. a.s.r. is an insurer for all people livind and/or working in the Netherlands and takes the interests of vulnerable targete groups at heart. Within a.s.r. we also strive for an inclusive culture, where differences are recognised, embraced and, indeed, made use of. Different perspectives, backgrounds, knowledge and experiences contribute to the realisation of a.s.r.'s objectives and are positively used and deployed in innovative, sustainable solutions for our customers.

Reporting center Human rights

As an organization we have an impact on society and can therefore also have an impact on human rights. Respecting and protecting human rights is the starting point for realizing our sustainability ambitions. We want to make a positive contribution to society by respecting and protecting human rights and by identifying and preventing (potential) risks. In the human rights policy we explain how we respect the protection of human rights in our various roles as investor, provider of insurance products and services, purchaser and employer. In 2023, a risk analysis is carried out of potential human rights risks in the chain for a.s.r. and its stakeholders.

If you have concerns about human rights violations caused by the activities of a.s.r. or any of its business relations, you can contact the Human Rights Reporting Center.

Strategic framework for sustainability

See underneath an overview of our policy documents, which provide a detailed elaboration of the sustainability framework of a.s.r., the commitments and partnerships and how our policies and procedures are regularly assessed by external benchmark and rating organizations.

1Research by Deloitte, Leiden University and Nibud, March 2023

Role in society



Doenkracht of a.s.r. finances projects in the field of financial education and training programs; programs from partners that help their participants with impending debts to prevent worse, sometimes in combination with the expertise of our employees.

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Foundations and Funds

a.s.r. is committed to conserving cultural and social heritage and is involved in a number of nation-wide and local foundations. The local ties mostly stem from the past presence of an a.s.r. division in a city of town.

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