About a.s.r. Sustainable business

Sustainable business

a.s.r. seeks to be a leader in sustainable business practices in the financial sector. a.s.r. aims to achieve this from the following roles: ‘Sustainable insurer’, ‘Sustainable investor’, ‘Sustainable employer’, 'Sustainable management' and the ‘Socially engaged’.


For sustainable business the following ambitions have been formulated. In 2020:

  • a.s.r. is regarded as the sustainable Dutch insurer
  • a.s.r. is regarded as sustainable Dutch investor, that encourages and promotes a sustainable investment policy
  • a.s.r. qualifies as sustainable employer
  • a.s.r. business operations are 100% carbon-neutral
a.s.r. engages in dialogue with all stakeholders on the principles and objectives of the sustainability policy. To this end, we maintain close contact with internal stakeholders and a broad group of external stakeholders, including customers, regulators, politicians and government ministers, and trade bodies.
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