Codes and Guidelines

Agreements, parnerships and endorsements

a.s.r. is a member of various national and international organisations and endorses several initiatives. Out agreements, partnerships and endorsements include:


  • Paris Pledge for Action Show

  • Spitsbergen Ambition Show

  • National Climate Agreement Show

  • Convenant for international responsible investment in the Dutch insurance sector Show


  • Platform Carbon Accounting Financials (PCAF) Show

  • Platform Living Wage Financials (PLWF) Show

  • Science Based Target Initiative Show


  • UN Global Compact Show

  • Call to Action: Anti-Corruption and the Global Development Agenda Show

  • UN Principles for Sustainble Insurance (UN PSI) Show

  • UN Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI) Show

  • UN Declaration of Human Rights / International Labour Organisation Show

  • Ethical Manifesto Show

  • Finance Biodiversity Pledge Show

  • Climate Action 100+ Show