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In three centuries of company history, a.s.r. has built up a beautiful historical collection. a.s.r. still expands its unique collection by purchasing contemporary art. The collection is managed by the Foundation for Art & Historical Artefacts a.s.r. & Aegon. One of the highlights of recent years is the De Utrecht's historical bookcase. After more than 40 years of peregrination, the cabinet has been given a sublime spot in the a.s.r. building.
The Foundation for Art & Historical Artefacts a.s.r. & Aegon aims to: 
  • contribute to the historical awareness through the historical collection
  • create an inspiring working environment through the purchase of contemporary art
Historical bookcase returns to a.s.r.
In 1899 life insurance company De Utrecht's management commissioned  architect Jan Verheul (1860-1948) to build a new head office on the Leidseweg in Utrecht. The De Utrecht building was built in the Dutch Art Nouveau style or Jugendstil. The building was completed on January 1, 1902, to the immense satisfaction of De Utrecht. satisfied. The building, together with the Belgian, French and Danish head offices, appeared as an advertisement on the policies of the company. The building had to make way for the construction of train station and shopping mall Hoog Catharijne and was demolished in 1974.
The library

The library was the most beautiful room in the building, a large, rectangular room that also served as a meeting room. On the side of entering the room, the entire wall was taken up by the bookcase. It was a characteristic part of the Jugendstil building and designed by architect Verheul. The bookcase contained the collection of books on insurance companies and insurers from director Ingenegeren. The books, some of which centuries-old, were about insurance, arithmetic, economics and typography. After the building was demolished, the bookcase ended up in the town hall's attic. In the nineties the cabinet was placed in the Vitens Gas Station in Soestduinen. The bookcase has since been stored in the Centraal Museum's storage for a number of years. Today, the bookcase had been given a prominent place at a.s.r. Insurance company De Utrecht merged into a.s.r. and the beautifully renovated building of a.s.r. is an appropriate place to re-establish the past.

Guided tours

For guided tours, please contact curator Sigrid Vegter,

Organisational structure 
The foundation is non-profit and does not employ any staff. A number of tasks are performed by a.s.r. employees, who receive compensation. Board members are not rewarded for their work for the Foundation. They are entitled though to reimbursement of their expenses when proportionate.
The board
  • Jos Baeten, chairman
  • Arnoud Daan
  • Gilbert Mattu
  • Sandra Meijer
  • Annette Pannekoek
  • Robert van der Schaaf, secretary
Conservator and administrators
  • Sigrid Vegter - conservator
  • Lianne Schipper - conservator
  • Martien van der Heijden - archivist
  • Theo van Schaffelaar - art manager
Contact information

Stichting Kunst & Historisch Bezit a.s.r. & Aegon
Archimedeslaan 10, 3584 BA Utrecht / Postbus 2072, 3500 HB Utrecht
The Netherlands

Tax ID no. 8218.68.779 / Chamber of Commerce no.: 30279963

Sigrid Vegter, conservator
Telefoonnummer: +31 (0) 6 23 91 26 14
Emailadres: sigrid.vegter@asr.nl

Lianne Schipper, conservator
Telefoonnummer: +31 (0) 6 10 94 61 47
Emailadres: lianne.schipper@aegon.com

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