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Role in society

role in society
a.s.r. initiates projects stimulating financial self-reliance (SDG1). It does so by educating people in reading and arithmetic, being able to handle money and keeping the financial administration in order. Moreover a.s.r. adheres and executes the Ethical Manifesto ‘From Debts to Opportunities’ (Dutch: Etisch Manifest Van Schulden naar Kansen): customers with payments arrears are approached in a timely and positive manner to resolve their payment problems (SDG 8). Read more about a.s.r. foundation
Social partner of FC Utrecht Football Club

a.s.r. has been a social partner of football club FC Utrecht through “FC Utrecht Maatschappelijk” since August 2016, contributing to vitality and improvement of financial awareness in the province of Utrecht. a.s.r. foundation specifically focuses on promoting financial education for children and youngsters, as well as supporting households with (risk of) problematic debts. As many colleagues as possible are involved in these projects, enabling them to assist vulnerable groups in society. Learn more about FC Utrecht Maatschappelijk (in Dutch).

Sponsoring and donation policy
As a financial service provider a.s.r. emphasises the importance of financial continuity for people, to enable them to take responsible risks and make well-informed financial choices. a.s.r. aims to contribute by helping to prevent people from getting into debt or to assist them getting out of debt. Back to the roots of insurance: Helping by doing.
a.s.r.’s sponsorship and donation policy fits in with these principles. The purely financial support hardly ever occurs anymore. It is mostly a combination of material and substantive support.
Foundations and funds
a.s.r. is committed to conserving cultural and social heritage and is involved in a number of nation-wide and local foundations. a.s.r. predecessor De Utrecht's historical library cabinet, for example, was given a sublime spot in our building after more than 40 years of peregrination. The local ties mostly stem from the past presence of an a.s.r. division in a city or town.