Role in society

role in society
a.s.r. foundation initiates projects on awareness and financial self-reliance. By teaching and supporting people in reading and arithmetic, being able to handle money and organising their financial administration, a.s.r. contributes to financial self-reliance (SDG 1). a.s.r. also adheres to and executes the ethics manifesto ‘From Debts to Opportunities’: customers who are behind on payments are approached in a timely and pro-active manner to resolve their payment problems (SDG 8). Read more about a.s.r. foundation

Sponsoring and donation policy

As a financial service provider, a.s.r. finds it important that people have financial continuity in their lives and that they are able to take responsible risks and make conscious financial choices. a.s.r. wants to help prevent people from getting into debt, or helping them to get out again. Back to the 'roots' of insurance. Helping by doing.
Our sponsorship and donation policy fits in with this and is always focused on those starting points. The purely financial support does not or hardly ever occur. It is often a combination of material and substantive support.

Social partner of FC Utrecht football club

Since July 2016 a.s.r. is social partner of 'FC Utrecht Maatschappelijk'. FC Utrecht Maatschappelijk wants to contribute to the vitality and improvement of financial awareness in the province of Utrecht.a.s.r. foundation wants to help people make conscious financial choices so that they do not get into debt or come out again. a.s.r. foundation specifically focus on promoting financial education for children and young people and supporting households with (risk of) problematic debts. Many FC Utrecht activities and projects fit in well with this objective. (Dutch website)


a.s.r. is committed to conserving cultural and social heritage, which is why the company is involved in a number of nation-wide and local foundations. The historical library cabinet of a.s.r.-predecessor De Utrecht, for example, was given a beautiful place in our building after more than 40 years of wandering. The local ties mostly stem from the past presence of an a.s.r. division in a city or town. Read more about Foundations