Sustainable insurer

For a.s.r. being a sustainable insurer essentially means creating and maintaining long term value.Providing security to customers is a.s.r.’s raison d’être. Customers must be able to rely on a.s.r. meeting its financial obligations at all times. Sustainable financial soundness is essential and therefore has the highest priority. a.s.r. strives to continuously improve its processes in order to provide its customers with an even better service and to be able to develop sustainable products and services with long-term value.

This way, a.s.r. meets the needs of its customers, now and in the future. One of the ways in which a.s.r. meets these needs, is by making information and products accessible and understandable, for example by investing in easy-to-access IT platforms. In order to monitor and, where necessary, improve a.s.r.’s performance on these platforms, a.s.r. measures the Net Promoter Score (NPS), and the Customer’s Interest Dashboard of the AFM (the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets) is used.   

Social impact
Besides financial soundness, a.s.r. also pays attention to the social impact of its products and services. a.s.r. for example aims to develop products and services that contribute to solving social issues, such as climate change and increasing income inequality. Examples of these products include: affordable occupational disability insurance, or the ‘Langer mee AOV’, developed for self-employed persons with a (physically) demanding profession, allowing them to continue doing their work through timely adjustments to the work, through education or their business until they reach the retirement age, and through the starters mortgage with a duration of 40 instead of 30 years, allowing them to buy a house with lower monthly mortgage payments. 
In addition, a.s.r. actively engages in prevention, for example by helping customers of its Health and Disability insurance with all facets of sustainable deployability, including health and vitality. a.s.r. also likes to give its Non-life customers advice on prevention and tips on how to prevent damage. And should any damage still occur, a.s.r. will first look to see if the product can be repaired in a sustainable manner, before being replaced by a new product.
Policy sustainable insurer

a.s.r.’s  Sustainable Insurance Policy describes how we integrate sustainability (or: ESG) into our insurance processes. It provides frameworks for the application of sustainability criteria 1) in underwriting and 2) in product development and pricing.

Focus on customer interest
a.s.r. measures the NPS on a continual basis because customer interest has a very high priority. The NPS is measured by asking customers the following question: How likely is it that you will recommend a.s.r. to family, friends and colleagues based on your experience with me? The emphasis here lies on the staff member. The NPS states the customer loyalty measured on the basis of the recommendation intention of the customer. 

a.s.r. sets great store on maximum transparency of products, processes and services. And therefore a.s.r. is also open on the score of the Customer’s Interest Central Dashboard (Dutch abbreviation: KBC) of the AFM. Based on various studies, this Dashboard provides insight into the extent to which the sector puts the customer interest central in products, processes and services. View a.s.r.'s score of 2018.

a.s.r. and investment insurance

a.s.r. considers it important that its products suit and continue to suit the situation and needs of its customers. For this reason, a.s.r. proactively contacts its customers with investment insurance. More about actions for customers with investment insurance. (Text only available in Dutch)