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As an institutional investor, one way in which a.s.r. takes ownership of social responsibility is through the use of ethical and sustainability criteria in its investment policy. All investments managed by the Group Asset Management department are screened on the basis of the socially responsible investment (SRI) policy, focusing on aspects such as social and environmental criteria. Countries and businesses that do not meet the criteria are excluded. These include producers of controversial or offensive weapons, nuclear energy and tobacco and the gambling industry. We also require that businesses comply with international conventions on human rights and labour rights.

Do you have a complaint about our SRI policy?

If have a complaint about the investment policy of a.s.r. and you want to contact us?  Please fill in our complaint form and we will respond to your complaint. Do you want to contact the appropriate independent institute?  Then you can send your complaint to the contact point of the AFM financial markets through the contact form.

a.s.r. real estate

a.s.r. real estate invests on behalf of its clients in retail properties, residential units, offices, agricultural land and estates. a.s.r. real estate seeks to make the assets in its portofolio ever more sustainable, in terms of both energy efficiency and ecological impact. Wherever possible, a.s.r. strives to achieve this at residential and commercial properties at a natural time, i.e. when major repairs are scheduled and when it is finacially expedient. Within the portfolios as many green solutions as possible are used, such as LED lightning, high-efficiency boilers, water-saving sanitary facilities and sedum roofs. More information can be found on the website a.s.r. real estate.