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news and press News Parties to the CBA choose Loyalis as insurer for hospital employees
News Utrecht 29 November 2023 10:30 EU/Amsterdam

Parties to the CBA choose Loyalis as insurer for hospital employees

Parties to the CBA in the hospital sector have selected Loyalis, part of a.s.r., as the exclusive provider of group supplementary disability insurance (WGA shortfall insurance) for 220,000 employees working in general hospitals in the Netherlands. This master agreement is for five years and stems from the CBA agreement to limit income loss in case of long-term incapacity for work of employees.

Wim Vliex, director of Loyalis: ‘We are very proud that as a partner in the hospital sector, we can help find solutions for employers and employees in terms of employability and income in case of incapacity for work. The sector faces major challenges with an increasing demand for care due to an ageing population, staff shortages and a high absenteeism rate. Good tailor-made solutions are necessary for a healthy and vital workforce and safety nets in case of incapacity for work; these have to be tailored to our sector. We have a special cover for long-term incapacitated employees with Long COVID, for example; the insurance starts retroactively from 1 March 2020. We did this earlier for the nursing, care home and home care sector as well.’

The trigger for the collective agreement in the Hospitals CBA was the corona pandemic, which resulted in many, long-term ill workers in the healthcare sector. Employers are required by the collective labour agreement to participate in this group insurance from 1 January 2024.

Loyalis is not an unfamiliar partner in healthcare. Many large healthcare institutions, such as the university medical centres (UMCs), but also recently the nursing, care home and home care sector, are insured with Loyalis. When providing insurance and services for healthcare, Loyalis takes into account how things are arranged in the PFZW pension fund. This creates a conclusive insurance policy tailored to the sector.