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news and press News a.s.r. and Nibud introduce quickscan Financial Independence for mbo students
News Utrecht 07 March 2024 10:00 EU/Amsterdam

a.s.r. and Nibud introduce quickscan Financial Independence for mbo students

During Money Week 2024, a.s.r. and Nibud will introduce the Nibud Quickscan Financial Resiliency especially for mbo students. This quick scan, based on the Nibud learning objectives and competencies, offers students insight into their personal financial sufficiency. Lecturers also see the extent to which their students are financially viable and can therefore determine which topics deserve attention. During the Money Week, the quick scan will be tested. From mid-April 2024, all mbo's will be able to use it.

asr gebouw met heide-daktuin

In the online quickscan, students answer 35 questions. After that, they receive a report with feedback on their answers. If the answer is correct, they will receive a checkmark. If they can do better, they will receive practical tips to work on their financial skills. If they want help with this, the quick scan also offers an invitation to talk to the teacher or supervisor. 

Researcher Annette Groen, affiliated with Nibud: 'Our research shows that young adults are more likely than average to be in a vulnerable financial situation. Almost half of them have difficulty making ends meet. There is also a lot of ignorance about, for example, student finance rules. For example, 38 percent of students aged 18 and older without a supplementary grant have not checked whether they are entitled to it. The Nibud Quickscan Financial Resiliency makes students aware of this and gives teachers a helping hand for tailor-made lessons. It is therefore an addition to the Financial Education Programme that Nibud recently made for MBO together with Money Wise.'

Marijke Troost, Doenkracht Manager at a.s.r.: 'As an insurer, we also see that young people have difficulty arranging money matters. For example, research shows that young people are increasingly in debt or have payment problems. By developing this quickscan together with Nibud, we want to contribute to the awareness of young people to get and keep their financial affairs in order. We are therefore extremely proud that we have achieved this in collaboration with Nibud.' 

Nibud believes that financial education should be a structural part of the curriculum in schools, so that young people can face their financial independence with sufficient baggage, regardless of their home situation. That is not yet the case. That is why Nibud works together with parties such as a.s.r. and Wijzer in geldzaken to provide teachers with targeted tools for incorporating financial education into their own curricula. 

Money Week 2024 starts on March 11. Students and teachers of mbo's in Utrecht have the scoop and can be the first to work with the quickscan in the pilot. The quickscan can be found in the Nibud Academy from mid-April 2024, and via www.nibud.nl/quickscan.

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