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News Utrecht 18 April 2024 13:00 EU/Amsterdam

500 a.s.r. employees roll up their sleeves on first “Doenkracht Donderdag”

Across the Netherlands, 500 a.s.r. employees will participate in activities on Thursday, April 18, during Doenkracht Donderdag (“Doenkracht Thursday”). On this day, employees will step away from their usual tasks and wholeheartedly engage in volunteer work across 6 of a.s.r.’s 7 business cities. a.s.r.’s social organisation, Doenkracht, collaborates with various organisations in and around these cities that can benefit from external help. This initiative marks the first time a.s.r. is organising such an event, drawing inspiration from Aegon Nederland, which previously introduced Vrijwilligerswerk Vrijdag (“Volunteering on Friday”). The commitment to community activities aligns with a.s.r.’s mission to empower individuals in the Netherlands to make informed financial decisions, fostering greater financial awareness, savvy, and resilience.

Today, more than 500 a.s.r. employees enthusiastically joined forces with 58 diverse community organisations for Doenkracht Donderdag. The employees are actively engaged in 6 of a.s.r.’s 7 branch cities: The Hague, Enschede, Groningen, Heerlen, Leeuwarden, and Utrecht. Notably, this marks the inaugural collective volunteer day organised by a.s.r., inspiring employees to collaborate and make a positive impact alongside as many colleagues as possible.

Under the name Doenkracht, a.s.r. is dedicated to social causes throughout the year. Doenkracht has curated a diverse range of activities for this Thursday, ensuring there’s something for everyone—from nature-related tasks to accompanying elderly individuals with dementia, assisting at a riding school, and refurbishing playground equipment.

Both Ewout Hollegien, the Chief Financial Officer at a.s.r., and Rozan Dekker, the Chief Risk Officer at a.s.r., are actively participating in one of these activities as well. Ewout is contributing to the jubilee project at Landgoed De Utrecht (“De Utrecht Estate”), where the ambitious goal is to plant no fewer than 5,500 trees of ten different species. Meanwhile, Rozan is engaged at the Loericker Stee nursing home in Houten, where she and her colleagues are providing an afternoon of entertainment for the residents.

Marijke Troost, the manager of Doenkracht at a.s.r., reflects: ‘Today marks the first Doenkracht Donderdag for many a.s.r. colleagues. It’s inspiring to witness so many colleagues enthusiastically participating in social activities. And it’s a two-way street: the involvement of 500 employees allows us to contribute more than 2,200 hours of social work in a single day, while also providing employees with the opportunity to connect with each other and explore the areas where their offices are located.’

In 2023, a.s.r. and Aegon Nederland merged into a single company, a.s.r. Each insurer had its own social programs, which have now been consolidated into one new program called Doenkracht. Doenkracht focuses on financial resilience and inclusion, providing funding and support for projects related to financial education, teaching programs, and partner initiatives aimed at helping participants manage impending debt. These efforts are often combined with the expertise of a.s.r. colleagues. Throughout the year, Doenkracht organises social team activities that extend beyond promoting financial literacy and inclusion. These activities encompass a wide range of social work. In 2023, 1,300 a.s.r. employees actively participated in over 100 social team activities, contributing nearly 7,000 hours of social work. For more information about Doenkracht:


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