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News Utrecht 25 April 2024 13:30 EU/Amsterdam

a.s.r. joins Forum for Insurance Transition to Net-Zero (FIT)

a.s.r. has joined the Forum for Insurance Transition to Net-Zero (FIT), a new initiative launched by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). A total of 19 insurers and reinsurers worldwide have joined this initiative. FIT builds upon the efforts of the Net-Zero Insurance Alliance (NZIA). It provides a broader platform for collaboration and innovation and a.s.r. is one of the three Dutch insurers actively participating. a.s.r. hereby reaffirms its commitment to a sustainable and climate-neutral insurance sector.

FIT, a new initiative that was launched today by UNEP, follows up on the efforts of the NZIA. FIT brings together insurers, reinsurers, regulators and other stakeholders to work on methodologies and standards that promote climate risk mitigation through accelerating and scaling up climate action by the insurance industry. 

Mariska van Donge, manager Sustainability, Benchmarking and Reporting at a.s.r.: ‘a.s.r. welcomes UNEP’s initiative to provide a broader follow-up to NZIA’s efforts with the launch of FIT. This step allows us to build on the frameworks we delivered under the NZIA. With our entry, we once again emphasise our commitment to supporting and accelerating the transition to a net zero economy.’

By participating in the forum, a.s.r. commits to:

For more information on the Forum for Insurance Transition to Net Zero, please visit

The Net Zero Insurance Alliance
The NIZA was established two years ago by UNEP and the international insurance industry. Over the past two years, NZIA has established to support its members in reducing carbon emissions in their insurance and reinsurance portfolios. In December 2021, a.s.r. signed the NZIA’s net-zero commitment, committing to convert individual insurance portfolios to zero emissions by 2050. This corresponds to a maximum temperature rise of 1.5 °C above pre-industrial levels. The first interim targets for the non-life insurance portfolio were published in August 2023 for a.s.r. For more information on the interim 2030 net zero targets for the non-life insurance portfolio, please visit: a.s.r. website

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