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news and press News a.s.r. extends working from home till June 1
News Utrecht 26 March 2020 16:00 EU/Amsterdam

a.s.r. extends working from home till June 1

a.s.r. assumes that all employees will work from home until June 1 at least due to the corona virus. If the Dutch government decides that it is justified and safe enough to reopen offices again, a.s.r. might decide to open the office prior to June 1. a.s.r. opts for this measure so that there is clarity for all employees. The health and well-being of our employees is most important.

a.s.r. offers employees the availability to take a few hours off every day, to pay attention to care tasks and other matters, or to relax for a moment. This is done in consultation with managers and colleagues, so that customer service can continue. Employees will not have to compensate for these hours. By doing so, a.s.r. wants to contribute to a good work-life balance, so that everyone can maintain the current home-working situation for a longer period of time.

a.s.r. also effectuated additional measures for clients. a.s.r. tries to finds solutions for clients who might face payment issues, such as temporarily halting the payment of someone’s mortgage or premium. As a travel insurer, a.s.r. is involved in the repatriation of stranded Dutch travelers.

It was decided not to conduct product campaigns temporarily. Instead, people are called upon to adhere to the 1.5 meter distance rule and to stay at home as much as possible, via a new spot on the radio, TV and online, to limit the chance of a further spread of the coronavirus. Employees of a.s.r. can join the existing aid initiatives that are in full swing. A number of employees, who hold a BIG registration, are volunteering in care at the moment.

Jos Baeten, CEO: ‘I am proud to see how employees of a.s.r. are dealing with the current situation. Everyone has been working from home for almost two weeks now, combining work with their private life. At a.s.r., we are used to working remotely every now and then, but this is an extra step. It is nice to see that our business is able to manage this. I note that our customer service continues unabated as well. In addition, we try to help our customers who report that they are facing challenges, by providing tailor made solutions.’


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