news and press News asr rondt migratie van ruim 800000 Levenpolissen af
News Utrecht 24 December 2019 09:30 EU/Amsterdam

a.s.r. completes migration of over 800,000 Life policies

With the migration of more than 800,000 policies from 9 different Life systems to the Keylane platform, the Service Books programme comes to an end after five years. With this, a.s.r. demonstrates its power to successfully implement large-scale migrations.

With this completion, a.s.r. is taking a major step in the management of its life insurance portfolio. The migration will improve efficiency, reduce costs and further improve the service to customers. The migration programme was carried out in collaboration with Finavista and Keylane.
In 2015, a.s.r. decided to review its life insurance portfolio strategy. This was prompted by the large number of ‘closed-book’ systems of a.s.r., its legal predecessors (AMEV, City of Rotterdam, De Amersfoortse) and acquired companies (Falcon and Generali). The 9 systems contained many products with similar characteristics, but which deviated from each other on a number of points.  

Pauline Derkman, director of a.s.r. Leven & Pensioenen: With the completion of this large-scale migration programme, we show that we are capable to successfully implement migrations. With the migration to a single system, a.s.r. has been able to reduce costs in the last couple of years. As a result, customers get a better product and better service, controlled by one system.  a.s.r. has the ambition to grow, both organically and through acquisitions. With the completion of this migration programme, a.s.r. shows that it is able to carry out successful migrations, and is therefore an attractive option for others who are looking for accommodation of their portfolios.’ 


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