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News Utrecht 05 December 2022 16:15 EU/Amsterdam

a.s.r. wins HR Proffie 2022 for best HR policy

a.s.r. has won the award for the most innovative and inspiring HR policy in the Netherlands. Last Thursday, the HR Proffie ceremony 2022 was held in Amsterdam. AON and Heembouw were the other contenders.

This year, the jury of the HR Proffie looked at organizations that have responded well to changing circumstances while maintaining the corporate culture or have gone through a transition in which HR activities played an important role. The jury report (only available in Dutch) states that a.s.r. wins the HR Proffie as an inspiring example of continuing facilitation, monitoring well-being and keeping in touch with employees in times of corona. 

Jolanda Sappelli, HR Director at a.s.r: 'This award confirms that the principles of our HR policy, in which a mature employment relationship and giving trust and direction, have the right effect. It's a great compliment to our HR team and the entire organisation.' 

The jury indicated that they were impressed by a.s.r.'s HR policy: 'It is impressive and is consistently implemented throughout the organisation. a.s.r. is an inspiring example of continuing to facilitate, monitor well-being and keep in touch with employees, because they are the real capital of the organization.' 

The HR Proffie 2022, which has been awarded since 2004, is an initiative of the Dutch Association for HR Professionals (NVP). The winner was announced on 1 December during the annual NVP event in Amsterdam. AON and Heembouw were the other nominees. The prize is powered by Berenschot, SkillsTown and Human Capital Group. a.s.r. was also 1 of the nominees in 2018, and then became second.

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