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News Utrecht 16 May 2018 17:00 EU/Amsterdam

Leidsche Rijn Centre officially opened!

Nearly 10 years after a.s.r. and Vesteda were awarded the contract by the municipality of Utrecht for the development of Leidsche Rijn Centre, the new city centre was officially opened by the mayor of Utrecht Mr Van Zanen. With the push of a button he activated a show including stilt-walkers, acrobats hanging from an aerial platform and a singer from the air.

The largest project a.s.r. Vastgoed has ever managed has finally materialised: 38,000 m2 of shops and restaurants, 9000 m2 of offices, 762 dwellings, 2000 parking spaces and a library. In 2015, the plan was adapted to the changed market conditions. Rogier Hendriks, commercial director of the project, describes the centre as particularly successful. “It is wonderful that the quality of the original plan has remained intact despite the changed circumstances. It has continued to exist in its full splendour. Already 90 percent of the retail space has been let and the offices are also doing well.”

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Besides the various facilities much attention has been paid to living in the area as well. Above the shops the space is mostly used for residential purposes. Because Leidsche Rijn already houses many families, the supply of housing in the centre is mainly aimed at couples without children, starters, single persons and the elderly. “At the front of the houses there is the vibrancy of the city centre, but in the enclosed gardens it is wonderfully quiet. Of the total of 750 homes, less than 10 are still for sale. And the rental homes are in high demand,” says Hendriks.

One of the eye-catchers in the centre is the Jumbo Food Market, according to a national newspaper. With dozens of restaurants, terraces and coffee shops and wine bars, the food sector is amply represented anyway. Alderman Geldof was also enthusiastic about the centre intended for about 100,000 people. It is expected that Leidsche Rijn Centre will attract between 7 and 9 million visitors each year.

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