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Press Utrecht 22 March 2023 11:30 EU/Amsterdam

a.s.r. further invests in sustainable insurance with 2 new partnerships

ASR Nederland N.V. (a.s.r.) takes a majority interest in Soople, a damage repair company owned by Plegt-Vos, and a minority interest in Fixxer, a new company set up in collaboration with Belfius Insurance. Fixxer will be responsible for the management and further development of the digital service platform for non-life customers. Both companies have specialist knowledge and experience that will enable a.s.r. to take the next step in its strategy as a sustainable non-life insurer: a.s.r. wants to focus even more strongly on sustainable damage repair and, in due course, offer this to its customers as efficiently as possible.

Soople, a subsidiary of Plegt-Vos, specialises in property maintenance and repair work. a.s.r. will take a majority interest of 70% in the repair company, the remaining interest will remain in the hands of Plegt-Vos. The damage repair company will be connected to a.s.r.’s sustainable repair network after which customers can use its services.

In addition, a.s.r. is acquiring a minority interest of 49.84% in Fixxer, the remaining interest is being held by Beflius Insurance. Fixxer was founded to accommodate the proven digital platform, Jaimy, that was developed Belfius Insurance, and to further develop and manage it from there. 

The platform, founded in 2018, was originally developed to easily put people, who wanted to have work done on their homes, in contact with building trades man, able to do the job. In addition to this ‘marketplace activity’, the platform now also has the functionality to offer services for ‘repair in kind’. This service allows non-life customers to get easy access to sustainable damage repair companies, connect to the platform. In the end, this makes it easier for customers to opt for sustainable damage repair companies. With this step a.s.r. aims to further broaden its share in sustainable damage repair in the long term.

At the moment, nothing will change for customers and repair partners. After closing with Belfius Insurance, which is expected in April 2023, a.s.r. will start to integrate its current recovery partners and systems to Fixxer. This will happen in phases and in close consultation with the parties involved.

Robert van der Schaaf, director P&C at a.s.r.: ‘The partnership with Soople via Plegt-Vos and with Fixxer via Belfius Insurance fits in well with a.s.r.’s strategy of investing in sustainable damage repair and innovative services for customers. As an insurer with a history of over 300 years, the transition to fully sustainable damage repair is a path that we take together with our customers and relations. The way to success is having the right knowledge and experience to grow our market share and further develop. With Soople we acquire this knowledge and experience to continue working on the further development and use of sustainable solutions for our customers. Additionally, the proven technology developed by Belfius Insurance, allow us to optimise our services to non-life customers in the long term.’

Theo Opdam, general director at Plegt-Vos: ‘In addition to the business market, there are many opportunities for Soople to service customers in the private market with sustainable damage repair as well. The partnership with a.s.r. helps us to pursue our business-to-consumer dream and at the same time contribute to the path towards fully sustainable damage repair in the Netherlands.’

Frédéric Van der Schueren, CEO Belfius Insurance: ‘We are particularly pleased that a.s.r., one of the largest Dutch insurers, has taken an interest in Fixxer. This is a nice recognition for both Jaimy and Belfius Insurance. Thanks to this strategic partnership, Fixxer will be able to count on two strong shareholders for the evolution of the technology platform, who share the same vision and many common values – including in the field of sustainability – to continue its growth and development.”

About Soople
Soople was founded in 2018 by Plegt-Vos. It has incorporated its activities in the field of daily maintenance here. This has created a powerful and experienced organisation that, among other things, carries out corrective maintenance and renovation jobs for property owners after reports or assignments. Soople helps its customers by completely taking care of the daily maintenance, from the first contact with the resident to planning, execution and invoicing.

About Belfius Insurance

Belfius Insurance is part of the Belfius Bank and Insurance group and sells its products (life, non-life and loans) on the Belgian insurance market. Belfius Bank & Insurance is an integrated bank-insurer owned by the Belgian Federal Government and is anchored in all segments of the Belgian economy and society: it is a partner of 3.7 million individuals, self-employed and SMEs, a major player in the market for companies and market leader in the public and non-profit sector. It is also a leading brand name for Life and Non-Life insurance.

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