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news and press Press releases Ardanta Uitvaartverzekeringen will continue under the a.s.r. name
Press Utrecht 25 September 2023 10:00 EU/Amsterdam

Ardanta Uitvaartverzekeringen will continue under the a.s.r. name

a.s.r. is bidding farewell to the Ardanta brand name. From 25 September 2023, the funeral insurance services will be offered under the a.s.r. name. With this step, a.s.r. aims to reduce the number of brand names and further strengthen the a.s.r. brand. This was already done with the Ditzo and Europeesche Verzekeringen labels earlier this year.

Ardanta has offered funeral insurance since 1965, for more than 3.8 million Dutch citizens. Over the years, other portfolios have become part of Ardanta, including those of AXENT, NIVO, Generali and PC Uitvaart. Partly as a result of this, Ardanta has grown to become one of largest funeral insurers in the Netherlands. The brand has been part of a.s.r. since 2000.

A valued member of the a.s.r. family
Jos Baeten CEO of a.s.r.: ‘Ardanta has been a valued member of the a.s.r. family for a long time. It’s an excellent and respected brand in the funeral services world. In order to further strengthen our a.s.r. brands and our market position, we are now taking the next step. By continuing Ardanta under the a.s.r. name, we can work towards further growth of our strong brand. At the same time, we will continue to work with the same employees for excellent service provision and reliable partnership for customers and financial advisors.’

No consequences for customers, financial advisors or employees
The name change has no consequences for Ardanta’s customers. They will retain their familiar products and services, but from now on, will receive information on their insurance policies in the name of a.s.r. Little will change for financial advisors and funeral providers, who have already been informed about a number of administrative changes.

Nothing will change for the Ardanta employees either. The offices of the a.s.r. funeral insurance activities will remain at the same location in Enschede, with the same employees. The telephone number for reporting decease (0800 – 33 33 000) will also remain unchanged.


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