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Press Utrecht 25 September 2023 07:30 EU/Amsterdam

a.s.r. introduces article 9 equity fund impact investing, open to third parties

a.s.r. asset management is introducing a new equity fund, with a strong sustainable character: the ‘ASR Wereldwijd Impact Aandelen Fonds’ (“ASR Global Impact Equity Fund”). In line with the recently tightened Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR), this fund qualifies as an Article 9 fund. With this fund, a.s.r. offers institutional clients the opportunity to also invest in companies that pursue a positive impact on people, the environment and society. The fund simultaneously contributes to a.s.r.’s ambition to have € 4.5 billion in impact investments in its portfolio by the end of 2024.

The ASR Wereldwijd Impact Aandelen Fonds (AWIAF) is suitable for institutional clients who, like a.s.r., also want to invest in companies that have a measurable and positive impact on people, the environment and society. The portfolio consists of up to 30 listed companies and classifies as an Article 9 fund. All investments qualify as sustainable investments and each contribute to one or more Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as established by the United Nations.

Nico Rieske, head of equities at a.s.r. asset management: ‘In 2019, our equity team established an impact portfolio, supporting a.s.r.’s ambition to increase the number of impact investments for a.s.r. With the launch of the AWIAF, we are enriching our portfolio, offering institutional clients the opportunity to invest in impact investments as well. Part of our philosophy is; that impact should be a sharply defined asset class, contributing to advancing a sustainable world and livable society, and also offer an opportunity to yield attractive returns in the long run.’

Article 9 qualification
The SFDR is a European regulation that aims to provide greater transparency on how financial parties incorporate sustainability risks and opportunities into their investment decisions and the investment fund must consist for the most part of so-called sustainable investments. Sustainable investments are investments in an economic activity that contributes to the achievement of an environmental objective (E) or the achievement of a social objective (S) without seriously compromising other environmental or social objectives and the investee companies follow good governance practices (G). Impact investments are a category of sustainable investments.  In the case of Article 9, sustainability is a binding and mandatory part of the investment process. For more information on the sustainability features, please refer to the fund information on the website. a.s.r. asset management emphasizes that investing, in addition to opportunity for return, also involves risk.

The Sustainable Development Goals
These are 17 goals established by the United Nations to achieve a sustainable world for all by 2030. For more information, visit: or download the UNPRI Impact Investing Market Map

a.s.r.’s impact portfolio currently exceeds 3.3 billion (30 June 2023).

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