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Press Utrecht 07 June 2018 08:00 EU/Amsterdam

Langer mee AOV: an affordable alternative for physically demanding occupations

For entrepreneurs with physically demanding occupations, De Amersfoortse introduces the Langer mee AOV disability insurance. With this innovative disability insurance (AOV), entrepreneurs can be insured against disability at favourable premiums. A condition is that they take responsibility for sustainable employability.

The Langer mee AOV offers an affordable solution for entrepreneurs with physically demanding occupations who are faced with the ever increasing AOW age. These entrepreneurs often are unable to work until they reach the age of 67, as a result of which an income gap is created between the moment at which they have to stop working and the AOW age. Group disability insurance for employees covers this risk, but many disability insurance policies for entrepreneurs do not.


The aim of the Langer mee AOV is prevention. Every three years, entrepreneur is interviewed by an occupational consultant from De Amersfoortse about how he and his or her business are doing. The occupational consultant can help recognise and prevent disability in time. During the interview, the occupational consultant and the entrepreneur discuss the work load and loadability of the entrepreneur. If the entrepreneur is no longer able to continue his or her business, he or she will, together with the occupational consultant, discuss what the entrepreneur can still do.


If the entrepreneur becomes (temporarily) disabled as yet, he or she will receive a benefit. This benefit will be phased out gradually and continues up to a period of five years at most. In this period, it will be looked into, jointly, whether he can again resume work, either in his or her own profession or in another (less demanding) profession, if necessary through retraining. The five-year period during which the entrepreneur receives a benefit has been chosen because he or she is expected to reintegrate or be retrained in five years’ time, and will start to work more hours. The diminishing benefit will also be an incentive to resume work, either in the entrepreneur’s own or in another profession. If the entrepreneur is still unable to earn the minimum wage, he or she will receive 75 percent of the insured amount until the AOW age is reached.

Attractive combination

An extra bonus for entrepreneurs is that they can take out a Doorgaanverzekering with De Amersfoortse. With this insurance, entrepreneurs can combine the Langer mee AOV with health insurance, and receive cover of physiotherapy and psychotherapy at favourable premiums. The entrepreneurs can rely on the specialised department and De Amersfoortse’s experts in this field for advice on health care costs and occupational disability.


The Langer mee AOV is an innovative product, according to Frank Romijn, Director of disability insurance at a.s.r. ‘New is that we hold the entrepreneur accountable for sustainable employability. It is unique that this is based on a collaboration between the occupational consultant of De Amersfoortse, the independent adviser and the entrepreneur. All parties need to take social responsibility. It’s a different way of looking at things. This is about how entrepreneurs make sustainable employability concrete and how they bring this into practice.


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