news and press News Equal Pay for Men and Women at a.s.r.: No Gender Pay Gap
News Utrecht 02 May 2024 14:30 EU/Amsterdam

Equal Pay for Men and Women at a.s.r.: No Gender Pay Gap

According to the annual Gender Pay Gap analysis, a.s.r. ensures equal pay for men and women performing equivalent work. This commitment to gender equality is reflected in the fact that there is no pay gap between male and female employees at a.s.r. In contrast, the average Dutch business had a pay gap of 6.9% in 2022. It is the first time that this analysis has been conducted since the integration of Aegon Nederland.

Gender equality has been a priority at a.s.r. for many years. To assess the effectiveness of a.s.r.’s policies, a.s.r. conducts an annual Gender Pay Gap analysis. The results consistently demonstrate that men and women receive equal pay for equivalent work. Even after integrating Aegon Nederland employees, the adjusted gender pay gap remains at 0%.

In the coming years, a.s.r. intends to continue its efforts to achieve a more balanced distribution of men and women in the company. To enhance gender diversity, a.s.r. ensures that interview panels for job applications consist of diverse individuals: managers follow training sessions in which they learn how to recognise unconscious biases and what techniques are available to eliminate them. In addition, a.s.r. is working with various organisations, such as Talent to the Top, Women In Financial Services (WIFS), InTouch Female Leadership and the Agora Network to further improve the position of women in the labor market.  

Jolanda Sappelli, CHRO at a.s.r.: ‘At a.s.r. we’re breaking barriers and closing gaps: there is no gender pay gap, we have a significant number of women in top positions, of which 43% in our Supervisory Board and 50% in our Management Board, and despite the fact that the number of women in management positions is steadily growing, we remain ambitious as we soar toward a more gender-diverse workforce. We remain vigilant, continuously monitoring the developments, and stand ready to take additional measures if necessary.’

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