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news and press News Ardanta streeft met nieuwe samenwerking naar 100 duurzame uitvaarten
News Utrecht 06 September 2022 09:00 EU/Amsterdam

Ardanta aims for completely sustainable funerals with new partnership

A coffin made of sustainably produced and processed wood, without artificial varnish or ornaments. Or an electric cremation furnace instead of a gas-fired model. These are examples of sustainable alternatives which Ardanta wants to present to its customers and their relatives from now on. At the end of July, a.s.r.’s funeral insurer signed an agreement with GreenLeave; a partnership of funeral businesses whose aim is for funerals in the Netherlands to be fully sustainable.

First funeral insurer
Ardanta is the first funeral insurer to join GreenLeave; until recently, the network only consisted of undertakers. GreenLeave shares knowledge and inspiration and provides training and certification for funeral businesses and suppliers. The focus is on six sustainability aspects, including the use of renewable raw materials, energy-efficient production and the avoidance of toxic substances. 

Guido Horst, Director of Ardanta: ‘Sustainability is becoming increasingly important, also when arranging a funeral. We want to inform and advise customers and their relatives as best we can in this area. By joining GreenLeave, we can make a joint contribution with other parties to making funerals in the Netherlands more sustainable.’


In order to enter into a partnership with GreenLeave, several sustainability criteria must be met. For example, Greenleave members are required to minimise the environmental impact of their business operations, take sustainability into account in their procurement policy, and communicate honestly and transparently about their practices. 

Funeral businesses who are members of GreenLeave offer a sustainable alternative to traditional services in all aspects of a funeral. By actively consulting with all funeral businesses in its network, Ardanta wants to encourage them to also join this green label. So that they, too, will offer sustainable alternatives to their customers.

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