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News Utrecht 20 May 2021 10:00 EU/Amsterdam

a.s.r. proclaimed beste employer of the Netherlands

Effectory has proclaimed a.s.r. World-class Workplace of the Netherlands, the result of a large-scale survey by Effectory into good employment practices. The World-class Workplace (also known as the Best Employer-) quality mark is awarded to any organisation exceeding the benchmark of a specific region or worldwide.

Using an employee questionnaire, Effectory assessed employers on, among other things, organisational direction, pride in work and utilisation of talent. Employees gave a.s.r. a score of 8.4, no fewer than 1.2 points above the national average. The 'Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS)', the degree to which employees would recommend their employer to others, scored well above the national average of 10.1 at 56.6. Enabled by this score a.s.r. already received the World-class Workplace award in the financial services industry in March this year. More than 1800 colleagues completed the scan.

Jolanda Sappelli, managing director Human Resources a.s.r.: ‘Such an honour we’ve been proclaimed Best Employer of the Netherlands! I am proud employees indicate they perform meaningful work, have confidence in colleagues and managers and are proud of a.s.r. as an employer, especially during this period when we’re not working at the office. It’s a confirmation we’ve made the right decisions to remain connected with each other during this special and intensive year.’

World-class Workplace

Effectory's World-class Workplace-scan is a widely recognised free scan, entirely based on employee opinions. As this scan is accessible to everyone and has a solid scientific basis through the comparisons with predetermined benchmarks, it’s the most objective quality mark for employment practices in existence, according to Effectory.

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