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News Utrecht 14 November 2019 11:00 EU/Amsterdam

a.s.r. ranks number one in the VBDO study on Climate Change

a.s.r. received the highest total score among 80 Dutch pension funds and insurance companies included in a study on climate change executed by VBDO, the Dutch Association of Investors for Sustainable Development.

The ranking is part of a biennial study on how Dutch institutional investors include the risks and opportunities of climate change in their investments.

VBDO investigated the sustainability profile of the largest 30 insurers, including a.s.r., as well as 50 pension funds. The research examines policy, implementation, governance and transparency of sustainable investments. Based on this, a report is presented (in full: Dutch Institutional Investors and Climate Change - Becoming part of the solution) in which a ranking is included.

a.s.r. finished 1st in the ranking, followed by pension fund ABP and pension fund Metaal en Techniek (PMT). The first runner up insurer on the list is Achmea, who ranked number nine. The theme of Climate Change and Energy Transition has been part of a.s.r.'s strategic investment policy since 2016.

About the VBDO report
The goal of this study is to assess if and how institutional investors currently consider the various climate change risks and opportunities. It also considers if and how investors adapt their investment portfolios to ensure resilience. Included in this report are the main findings and a performance ranking of the largest Dutch institutional investors (pension funds and insurance companies) on how they address climate change in their policies and practices.

Download the full report here


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