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News Utrecht 08 February 2021 10:00 EU/Amsterdam

a.s.r. makes customers aware of environmental benefits of sustainable damage repair

Most damage in and around the home is often still repaired by replacing the entire product or repairing it using new parts. This is damaging to the environment. On 8 February, a.s.r. will therefore launch a campaign to make its customers aware of the contribution they can make to the environment by opting for sustainable damage repair.

In the event of damage to items at home the decision is still often made to simply replace everything. While this is not necessary. A wooden floor with water damage is usually only damaged for 10%, but when the whole floor is replaced, a chain is set in motion that is very harmful to humans and the environment. The felling of trees, sawing of planks, shipping, packing and finally the transport to the shop. A lot of raw materials and energy are consumed without the consumer being aware of it.

Hella de Weger, Brand & Positioning Manager at a.s.r.: 'We live in a throw-away society. If something is broken, we are quick to replace it. But this is detrimental to the environment. You would be amazed at the difference in CO2 emissions when choosing between repairing and replacing damage. In addition, repairing often involves much less hassle for the customer. Most people know by now that our customers premiums are invested sustainably. In our new campaign we now also want to make consumers aware of the choice they have at a.s.r. to have damage sustainably repaired instead of replaced.

Research CE Delft
The research bureau CE Delft has measured the climate impact of repairing a number of types of damage, including water damage to a wooden floor, burglary damage to a window frame and damage to a stone kitchen worktop. The research report shows, among other things, that repairing 1 cm2 of damage to a 2.4 m2 stone kitchen worktop is 6 times better for the climate than replacing the entire worktop. This is comparable to the production of 1,022 plastic PET bottles of half a litre. Click here for information from the research report.

In time, a.s.r. aims for 80% of all damage to be repaired sustainably. The new campaign can be heard and seen on radio, TV and social media from 8 February onwards.

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