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news and press News asr sluit zich aan bij de Nederlandse Schuldhulproute
News Utrecht 08 March 2022 11:30 EU/Amsterdam

a.s.r. joins the Nederlandse Schuldhulproute

In order to reach customers with debt problems more quickly and to offer effective help, a.s.r. joined the Nederlandse Schuldhulproute (NSR). NSR is a partnership between companies, municipalities, (aid) interventions and other partners and aims to make everyone in the Netherlands financially healthy.

a.s.r. considers it important that people have financial continuity in their lives and that they are able to take responsible risks and make conscious financial choices. a.s.r. prevent people from getting into debt or help them to prevent. For example, through the platform 'Ik denk vooruit' and the projects from a.s.r. Foundation.

A new way to help customers to become or remain financially healthy is the NSR. If there is a suspicion of money problems, a.s.r. can refer to this organization. This can be done by a link on our website, a link or QR code in letters, e-mails to the customer or a referral via telephone. The NSR has tools to make people aware of their financial situation and has national coverage with organizations that can help put their finances in order.

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