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news and press News Rene Draaisma beoogd opvolger Luuk de Vos
News Utrecht 22 April 2021 09:25 EU/Amsterdam

René Draaisma intended successor Luuk de Vos

a.s.r. plans to appoint René Draaisma, Marketing & Distribution Manager at a.s.r. Vitality, as Director of Intermediary Distribution Income & Healthcare in the course of next year. He will succeed Luuk de Vos, who has indicated that he will retire in 2022. René will start in his new position on 1 September this year to ensure a smooth handover.

After a long-term employment of 44 years, Luuk de Vos has indicated that he will retire in the course of 2022. ‘I enjoy working for a.s.r.’s Income business, but the moment of retirement is approaching. I am pleased that a.s.r. has appointed a prospective successor in good time. This gives me the opportunity to properly instruct René and to carefully transfer my duties,’ says Luuk de Vos.

Ewout Hollegien, Director of Income Insurance at a.s.r.: ‘I am pleased that in René we have found a suitable successor for Luuk as Director of Intermediary Distribution Income & Healthcare. I am confident that in due course he will be a worthy successor to Luuk. With him, we can continue the current steady line and further improve the satisfaction of our advisors and customers. We are of course very grateful to Luuk for what he has done for our company.’

René Draaisma started at a.s.r. in 1998 as an account manager with De Amersfoortse verzekeringen. He has worked as Regional Director of Intermediary Distribution and Deputy Director of Marketing, among other positions. In his last role, he was responsible for the marketing and distribution of a.s.r. Vitality. René sees it as a welcome continuation of his career to date. ‘I am looking forward to starting in my new position. To be able to lead the team where I started so many years ago is, of course, very special. I am looking forward to expanding our strong market position even further with the team,’ says René Draaisma.

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