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News Utrecht 13 January 2021 12:00 EU/Amsterdam

a.s.r. and trade unions have reached a new collective bargaining agreement (CBA)

Negotiations between a.s.r. and the trade unions FNV Finance, De Unie en CNV Vakmensen have resulted in the new CBA for 2021-2022. Sustainable employability, job satisfaction and vitality are important themes. Financial agreements have also been made. The trade unions will present the result to their members with a positive recommendation.

Employees will receive a structural salary increase of 2.25% as of 1 March 2021 and 1 March 2022. 

Working from home and travel 
The new CBA takes into account the situation post Covid, with more employees expected to work from home than before Covid. Employees with full-time employment will receive a homeworking allowance of €30 net per month. In addition, employees who were employed on 31 December 2020 and are still employed on 1 February 2021 will receive a one-off payment of €300 gross. 

The fixed allowance for travel costs will be replaced by the fiscally permitted allowance of €0.19 net per kilometre actually travelled. 

The new CBA pays a lot of attention to sustainable employability, job satisfaction and vitality. a.s.r. and the trade unions have agreed on a homeworking scheme that focuses on a healthy and safe home office. In addition to the homeworking allowance, a.s.r. offers a workplace and vitality check, including workshops and training courses. It is also possible to borrow resources to work from home.

Employees can take leave once every five years for a minimum of two months and a maximum of three months. For a leave of two months, 60% of the salary is paid, for three months, 40%. 

In addition, employees who will reach the AOW (state pension) age within three years can, from the moment this is legally possible, are entitled to make use of the RVU scheme (early retirement) as laid down in the Pension Agreement.

Work code

Lastly, agreements have been made about the work code that a.s.r. and the trade unions signed in 2019, whereby the aim is to achieve equality between flexible and permanent employees.

Next steps
The trade unions will present the result of the negotiations to their members with a positive recommendation. 

More information
Since 2018, a.s.r. has had its own CBA, De Andere Cao (The Other CBA). In the CBA for 2020-2022, new agreements have been made that are in line with the framework of De Andere Cao.

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