news and press News asr koploper in Female Board Index met meeste vrouwen in RvC en RvB
News Utrecht 04 September 2020 08:24 EU/Amsterdam

a.s.r. leader in Female Board Index

a.s.r. tops this years list in the annual Female Board Index. The board examines the number of women on Supervisory Boards and Executive Boards of directors of listed companies. At a.s.r, 67% of the Executive Board is female and 40% of the Supervisory Board. Because of this, a.s.r has taken over DSM’s top position this year.

For the 13th time, Professor Mijntje Luckerath-Rovers investigated the number of women at the top of listed companies in the Netherlands.  She found that the percentages of female executive and supervisory directors have both increased this year, from 9% to over 12% and from 27% to 30% respectively. This means that the increase in the share of female directors that started last year continues.

Just like last year, more than 1 in 4 appointments of a director was a woman. Of the 94 listed companies, 51 now meet the proposed quota of at least 33% women on the Supervisory Board. With 2 women on both the Board of Directors (Ingrid de Swart and Annemiek van Melick) and Supervisory Board (Sonja Barendregt and Gisella van Vollenhoven), a.s.r. tops the list with a percentage of 67% in the Executive Board and 40% in the Supervisory Board.

Ingrid de Swart: "I am glad we are doing so well. I've never worked in a team where there were more women than men, so that's unique. a.s.r. did not need a quota for that. More women in the top also attracts other talent. During my period that I had the title of Top Woman, at another employer, we received 25% more female applicants. So there is certainly an element of role models that attract more diverse employees. "

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