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News Utrecht 29 March 2018 06:40 EU/Amsterdam

a.s.r. strengthens its number 1 position Fair Insurance Guide

In the annual update of the Eerlijke Verzekeringswijzer (Fair Insurance Guide), a.s.r. once again takes up the first position. By pursuing a stricter investment policy in the area of labour rights, gender equality and transparency, a.s.r. now scores 17 points higher than last year.

Since publication of the Fair Insurance Guide began in 2013, a.s.r. has taken up the first position since 2014. a.s.r.’s investment policy scores a 10 on the themes of labour rights, healthcare, human rights and weapons. The sustainable investment policy of a.s.r. is continuously sharpened, in line with social developments. The biggest jump last year was made in the area of gender equality. The theme of climate change also scores better.

Jack Julicher, Director of Investments at a.s.r.: ‘This score of the Fair Insurance Guide again confirms that we’re on the right track with our investment policy. Our sustainability profile is getting better every year, and customers, too, increasingly appreciate this. It encourages us to continue on the course embarked on.’


The Fair Insurance Guide considers two aspects: what have insurers laid down in their policy about investing, and how do they implement this in practice? On www.eerlijkeverzekeringswijzer.nl consumers can compare insurers regarding the scores for their sustainability policy and the investment practice. They are also given the option to write to their insurer. The Fair Insurance Guide is an initiative of Amnesty International, World Animal Protection, the Dutch Trade Union Confederation FNV, Friends of the Earth Netherland, Oxfam Novib and PAX.


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