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News Utrecht 10 September 2019 17:30 EU/Amsterdam

a.s.r. recognised as part of the PRI Leaders' Group 2019

UN PRI has qualified ASR Nederland as 2019 Group Leader. The title is awarded for the first time this year, to the top 10% members of the UN PRI, for their efforts in selecting external asset managers.

Today, the global leaders in sustainable manager selection for shares and private equity were announced in Paris, at the annual UN PRI in Person congress. This involves looking at how parties select asset managers who invest part of their investments. a.s.r. manages many portfolios itself, but we outsource this for markets where we are less well known. For example in Asia. The UN PRI selects the leader group - which consists of 47 asset owner signatories - based on their responsible investment work in the field of selecting, appointing and monitoring external managers in listed and/or private equity. a.s.r. has the highest attainable score in the latter category, namely A +, and is therefore counted among the 'Leaders Group of 2019'.

Jack Julicher, CEO a.s.r. asset management: 'We are very proud of this achievement. Out of all asset managers worldwide, the UN recognises that a.s.r. belongs to the 10% most sustainable asset managers. a.s.r. thereby sets an example for how to select sustainable equity investors.'

Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) 
The PRI Leaders’ Group 2019 showcases PRI signatories that demonstrate both a breadth of responsible investment excellence, and that excel specifically in this year’s theme: selection, appointment and monitoring of external managers. Our evaluation focused specifically on listed equity and private equity, as these are the asset classes where we have the most developed work on identifying good industry practice, and are most able to support signatories. The group of leading signatories is roughly equivalent to 10% of all asset owner signatories.
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