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News Utrecht 20 December 2020 12:00 EU/Amsterdam

a.s.r. wins Best New Partnership Award

Team a.s.r. has won the Best New Partnership award with "VerduurSamen", a business case for sustainable living. The young professionals receive a starting capital of € 2500 to implement their idea. The idea was already in the top 3 of the jury of experts and thanks to 865 public votes, a.s.r. has been chosen as overall winner.

VerduurSamen is a total solution that relieves home owners of making their homes more sustainable in terms of project management, financing and subsidies. Equipped with a quality guarantee that is issued and covered by a.s.r. The a.s.r. team won the Best New Partnership award and a starting capital of € 2500 with this business case for sustainable living. The jury cites the idea of the a.s.r. team in its jury report as ambitious and of great added value.

During the Partnership Election program, young professionals from large companies, together with experts, develop a socially relevant business case in a few months. This year 8 teams participated, from Aegon, Achmea, Albert Heijn, a.s.r., Eurocross, Philips, PwC, Rabobank, Syntrus and Zilveren Kruis.

The Partnership Election is an initiative of Social Enterprise The Punchy Pack and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the Rotterdam School of Management and young professional partners.

Nick van Gend, value based management analyst at a.s.r.: 'We're very proud and pleased with the recognition of the jury. With their vote of confidence we want to make the business case more concrete, so that it can be sent to the PARP board. If this passes the "Product Approval and Review Process", we hope that this project will become a pilot in our Damage / Sustainable living business.'

Jury, De Partnership Verkiezing 2020: 'The team has shown an impact business-case that has a clear need in society and has the potential to create extensive ecological impact. We are impressed by intrapreneurial talents of the team. We give compliments to the leaders of the organisation to give this support and launch this partnership!' 



Best New Partnership Award
From a safe distance we celebrated the momentum with all eight teams and took a moment to stand still and appreciate their milestones and accomplishments of the last year.

For more informatie on De Partnership Verkiezing ("election"), please visit: a.s.r. wins Best New Partnership Award.