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Press Utrecht 13 June 2018 07:00 EU/Amsterdam

Over € 1 billion raised for a.s.r.’s mortgage fund

Over the past year, the mortgage fund ASR Hypotheekfonds has raised more than € 1 billion in funds from institutional investors. Approximately 30 pension funds, insurers and family offices and charity funds participated in this fund of a.s.r. asset management, which invests in Dutch home mortgages. In the long term, the ASR Hypotheekfonds aims to achieve a size of several billion euro.

The ASR Hypotheekfonds will incorporate the newly produced a.s.r. WelThuis mortgages. Participants can choose from two subfunds: a fund with mortgages with the National Mortgage Guarantee (NHG) and a fund with mortgages without the National Mortgage Guarantee. This way investors can choose the risk-return ratio they desire.

a.s.r. has decades of experience in providing mortgages. In 2017, a.s.r. issued € 1.9 billion euro of WelThuis mortgages. a.s.r. has more than € 8 billion in mortgages on its balance sheet and takes care of the acceptance process and the management of payments of the portfolio itself.

Jack Julicher, CIO at a.s.r.: ‘We are proud to say that investors have entrusted more than one billion euros to the ASR Hypotheekfonds in just one year. That says something about the quality of our service. Dutch mortgages fit perfectly in our long term investment strategy. a.s.r. has been a respected player on the Dutch mortgage market for 80 years and investors can make use of the experience we have built over many years.’

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