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news and press Press releases a.s.r. to change governance structure with introduction Management Board
Press Utrecht 08 June 2023 13:00 EU/Amsterdam

a.s.r. to change governance structure with introduction Management Board

a.s.r. plans to change its governance structure and introduces a Management Board consisting of the members of the Executive Board, a CRO, a CHRO and a COO Life. The Management Board will become effective from closing of the proposed transaction with Aegon and will replace the Business Executive Committee established in 2019. With the Management Board, knowledge and experience related to specific areas of interest are directly involved in decision-making at board level. This is an important step for the future of a.s.r., following the transaction with Aegon on a business combination with Aegon Nederland. The transaction is yet to be approved by the regulators.


The Supervisory Board and the Executive Board believe that a change in the governance structure and the introduction of a Management Board is desirable, to manage the extensive integration of activities and ensure long-term management continuity as a.s.r. becomes significantly larger following the business combination with Aegon Nederland. The Management Board will replace the previously established Business Executive Committee and will consist of CEO Jos Baeten, CFO Ewout Hollegien, COO/CTO Ingrid de Swart, COO Life Willem van den Berg, Chief Risk Officer (CRO) Rozan Dekker and Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) Jolanda Sappelli. The Executive Board retains ultimate statutory responsibility for managing a.s.r.

CRO Rozan Dekker is currently director of Group Risk Management at a.s.r. and CHRO Jolanda Sappelli is director of HR at a.s.r. COO Life Willem van den Berg is currently managing director Life at Aegon Nederland and at Aegon responsible for the proposed combination of activities with a.s.r. On the Management Board, he will be responsible for all Life activities of a.s.r. including Pensions, Individual Life and Funeral, pension provider TKP and the PPIs Aegon Cappital and a.s.r. PPI. CHRO Jolanda Sappelli will have a key role during the merger between Aegon Nederland and a.s.r. for everything personnel- and organization-related. CRO Rozan Dekker will be responsible for a.s.r.’s risk management and compliance organisation. 

The introduction of the Management Board is subject to closing of the proposed transaction with Aegon, which will take place on 1 July 2023 at the earliest, following approval from the regulators, including The Dutch Central Bank (DNB) and the Netherlands Authority for Consumers & Markets. The appointment of the COO Life, the CHRO and the CRO are subject to approval by The Dutch Central Bank (DNB).

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