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news and press News a.s.r.'s Verduurzamingshypotheek now available for all a.s.r. customers
News Utrecht 12 April 2022 10:30 EU/Amsterdam

a.s.r.'s Verduurzamingshypotheek now available for all a.s.r. customers

From now on, all customers with an a.s.r. mortgage can apply for a Verduurzamingshypotheek (sustainability mortgage) themselves, at low cost. With this, a.s.r. now also wants to offer existing customers the opportunity to save energy and thus contribute to the energy transition.

To make the application as accessible as possible, customers with an existing a.s.r. mortgage can now also apply for an extra loan part themselves in MijnHypotheek, the online portal for a.s.r. mortgage customers, which is designed for sustainability. The application must be accompanied by a recent valuation report. Desktop valuations are available for around € 85. Customers can arrange everything online and therefore do not need to visit a financial advisor first. a.s.r. will only charge customers for the legally required distribution fee (€ 30). 

Everyone who is eligible for this accessible application route can now see the option in MijnHypotheek. To be able to apply for a Verduurzamingshypotheek of € 9,000 via MijnHypotheek without advice, customers must have at least € 9,000 available in their mortgage registration and not already have a sustainability loan.

Two calculation examples provided by Milieu Centraal show (only in Dutch) that the purchase of, for example, solar panels, home insulation or a high performance boiler can save customers money.

Financial advisors have until 1 June to inform their customers about this and offer their services. a.s.r. supports them with a toolkit full of communication tools.

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